Production / Service #1

Whether you send us a script or we write a script for you, once approved we go to finished production.

Video Preview / Service #2

Once video is completed we send you a preview file for your approval.  Preview files are compressed and not formatted for broadcast.  We send it to your email address to view on your device.

Upload Video / Service #3

On your approval of the preview file we upload your new video using the format, codec, bitrate, audio levels requested by your station, cable or social media site.

Take the Gober Advance, Inc Challenge Today!

If you are paying more than $495 for a finished 30-second video that will knock your audiences’ socks off, you need to talk to us at Gober Advance, Inc.  We challenge you to save money AND get a better, more professional awesomely powerful video advertising your establishment.  How to take advantage of this amazing offer, reply to this message, call us at 1-505-259-8536 or send a separate email to today.

We’re the experts!

We’ve been helping small and big retail businesses sell more product since 1975 and our video directors are EXPERTS in every sense of the word.  We don’t waste your money; we know how to sell!

Next Steps…

Television advertising is the fastest, most colorful and most effective way to stimulate sales. Today’s buyers are actively looking for the best deals they can find on home furnishings, bedding & electronics. With Gober Advance, Inc.’s computer, video & digital technology, you have virtually unlimited possibilities of how you can keep your name before buyers and tell your company’s story. Whether we work from your sale or event graphics or you want us to design new, we are the best in the business when it comes to producing a television commercial designed to promote you and only you!

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