We were recently advised by our video director of 36 years that he would not be able to
return to his position in the new year 2021, and that we should decide to move on
without him. It goes without saying that he will be greatly missed.
Therefore, the time is now for us to re-invent Gober Advance, Inc. officially as of today;
however, we can produce videos for you until December 31, 2020. It has been a
wonderful and exciting 46-year run, but we must change with the times.
As we helped clients go from newspaper to television advertising to email and websites,
we can help you transition to digital advertising with ‘return on investment’ ROI reports
for your business. You have trusted us for 46 years and you can trust us again with this
new medium.
We see the future and it is digital advertising on multiple devices. With this foresight, we
are excited to transition from video production to DIGITAL ROI EXPERTS; we have
teamed the best and the brightest. Here is my offer to you our most valued clients. It is
a win-win situation for you and us. The first step is at NO CHARGE to you: we will
provide you with a digital presence analysis of how your current digital advertising is
performing. You will see how effective your advertising campaigns are at reaching your
ideal customers and if there are any areas you might be missing. If you like the result
and want to transfer dollars to digital advertising, we can provide the service with ROI
reports on each of your buys for each of your business locations. No surprises ever!
We are here to help you always, reply to the email address or call directly.

Take the Gober Advance, Inc Challenge Today!

How to take advantage of this amazing offer, reply to this message, call us at 1-505-259-8536 or send a separate email to angevine@rmgtv.com today.

We’re the experts!

We’ve been helping small and big retail businesses sell more product since 1975 and our we are EXPERTS in every sense of the word.  We don’t waste your money; we know how to sell!

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