Video Production / Service #1

We write a script for you when you tell us who, what, why, when and where.  Once you approve the script or send your script to us approved we go to production.  You choose voice talent, music and any special effects.

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Video Preview / Service #2

When production is done we send you a preview copy for your approval. This is a small video of your commercial you can view on your computer or iPhone or laptop or tablet.  The choice is yours.  Preview copies are not broadcast files.

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Upload Video / Service #3

One your video is approved we upload it to whatever medium you choose to air it, from your local television station or cable system, to social media sites.  We are familiar with all types of formats.

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We Produce TV Commercials for Small Business Retailers!

Our in-house video production team emphasizes visual storytelling, using industry leading technology, effects and inspiring creativity to bring your message to life. Our team utilizes the highest quality equipment and our full in-house studios to create videos that brings your message to the buying public in the most attractive manner. Our talented team will work closely with you from the very beginning through our three step process, ensuring that you are as excited about the project and where it is going as we are. We have a unique approach to the production process to allow maximum time for creation of the best possible product. We service bring our service to all 50 states and to all locations. We offer 45 years of creative production. Our experience makes a difference - check out our skills from satisfied customers!

Custom small business, 30-second television commercials specifically for your retail business!  Only $495!

Includes all production fees, preview file and one upload. Since 1975 Gober Advance, Inc. has specialized in retail TV and Radio production and marketing throughout the United States. We have worked with a variety of businesses from Furniture stores to Community Colleges; Roofing Companies to Lawyers; Mortgage Services, Automobile Dealerships to Political Advertisements. If you have a product or service to sell, or if you have information about your company you want to broadcast on network, cable or social media, let us tailor a custom made video that suits your needs! Contact us today at

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Television advertising is the fastest, most colorful and most effective way to stimulate sales. Today's buyers are actively looking for the best deals they can find on home furnishings, bedding & electronics. With Gober Advance, Inc.'s computer, video & digital technology, you have virtually unlimited possibilities of how you can keep your name before buyers and tell your company's story. Whether we work from your sale or event graphics or you want us to design new, we are the best in the business when it comes to producing a television commercial designed to promote you and only you!