Our Approach

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a pretty girl or a handsome guy in the dark.  You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”  

Henry Ford said it, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time!”

And It’s Not Rocket Science!  Let’s get America Rolling Again!

Our Story

We hear it over and over and over again from satisfied customers, and we love it, ‘I’d work with them again in a flash!’

Get your stunningly brilliant HD video in days, not weeks or months, totally customized for your company. In English or in Spanish.

It is our copyrighted technique for producing HD (high definition) videos that sets us apart from the competition.

Every video is created by an experienced professional producer-director who guarantees your project is done effectively and efficiently.

Our family owned secret methodology allows us to produce videos faster than most digital creatives, while ensuring the highest quality and highest performance.

We can make a video for literally any campaign; try us you’ll like what you see; we’re high tech, savvy technicians that do awesomely creative work.

With our sensational stable of professional announcers nationwide, glorious live action video clips, and extensive music library we can produce a video to satisfy any client.

Using a wide range of deliveries, from very soft (almost quiet) sell to moderate to dynamic hard sell we have you covered!

Using our tremendous retail marketing expertise gained from over 45 years in the business, we share our — knowledge to you.

Our finished videos are uploaded to over 420 different formats, codecs, and bit-rates nationwide.

Whether your HD video plays on Broadcast, your website or YouTube, we produce your Video for any industry format you desire.

Angie McKinstry
Gober Advance, Inc.

Email us at angevine@rmgtv.com

Meet the Team

Customer service is something we excel at each and everyday. Hard sell or soft sell or somewhere in the middle, your video commercial is produced at the price only Gober Advance, Inc. can offer.   Call today or fax us and we’ll call you right back — we have NO Voice Mail! – we are here from 0830 am to 1600 daily (Mountain Time) Monday through Friday.   E-mail us at angevine@rmgtv.com and we will answer you right away. Helping you sell product is what we do best with a 45 year track record of customer satisfaction helping small and big businesses!  Give us a call now, we appreciate and need your business!  Or call my cell phone at 1-505-259-8536.


Angie McKinstry

Founder & CEO

Gober Advance, Inc. was founded April 1, 1975 and has been serving clients since then with great success.

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David Angevine McKinstry, Dr. Lydia McKinstry, Gregory S. Frus

Vice Presidents

Gober Advance, Inc. is passionate about helping small and big businesses.

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Angie McKinstry


Gober Advance, Inc. has a unique approach by billing a flat fee for production, preview and one upload.  We fit any budget.

Next Steps…

Television advertising is the fastest, most colorful and most effective way to stimulate sales. Today’s buyers are actively looking for the best deals they can find on home furnishings, bedding & electronics. With Gober Advance, Inc.’s computer, video & digital technology, you have virtually unlimited possibilities of how you can keep your name before buyers and tell your company’s story. Whether we work from your sale or event graphics or you want us to design new, we are the best in the business when it comes to producing a television commercial designed to promote you and only you!

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